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The North-Caucasus Federal University was founded based on Decree by President of Russian Federation № 958 (July 18, 2011) and Order by Government of Russian Federation № 226-р (February 22, 2012), as the result of a merge of the three universities located in the Stavropol Region – the North-Caucasus State Technical University; the Stavropol State University, and the Pyatigorsk Humanities-Technological University.


  1. Institute of Humanities
  2. Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  3. Institute of Life Sciences
  4. Institute of Law
  5. Institute of Economics and Management
  6. Institute of Education and Social Sciences
  7. Institute of Oil and Gas
  8. Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications
  9. nstitute of Construction, Transport and Engineering
  10. Institute of Electric Power Engineering, Electronics and Nanotechnologies
  11. Institute of Service, Tourism and Design.

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